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Motor Operated Reels


Motorised reeling drums can be used for reeling of cable or hoses, they are normally driven by electric motors but hydraulic or pneumatic drives can also be used.


• Induction magnetic motor ( torque motor as squirrel cage or slipring rotor motor).

• Permanent - magnetic coupling using squirrel cage motors.

• AC - Induction motor for frequency converter - operation.


Motor cable reeling drums are used mostly on all types of cranes, container cranes, goliath cranes, water purification plants and open - cast mining machines and many more applications.

Reels can be produced either random lay, spiral or cylindrical with sliprings for low or high voltages, if required fibre optic rotary connectors can be fitted.


To compliment cable reeling drums NOVA can supply trench belt for covering the cable channel for rail mounted cranes etc., the main advantages against other systems is cost, easy assembly, small dimensions and the position of the rubber belt (reinforced with textile fibres) is not stressed or damaged by wheels of vehicles.

The belt is laid down on the upper edges of the cable channel at about 20mm below the ground level and is tensioned at the ends, it is lifted and laid by the belt lifter which also removes dirt and rubble from the belt, the lifter device is attached to the crane