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Cable Reeling Drum

Spring Operated Cable
Reeling Drum

motor operated  reeling drum

Motor Driven Cable
Reeling Drum

Cable Festoon System
'C' Track Cable Trolley

plugway busbar
Plugway Busbar
Plug-in Power Ducting


We have the answer to your problems for mobile electrification

Nova Electrical Co has been established for more than 30 years specialising in the design, manufacture and supply of equipment such as:

  • Insulated conductor bar systems ,
  • Enclosed multipole conductor systems with plastic,aluminium or steel housings,
  • Festoon systems from the simple catenary wire system, 'C' track festoon system, diamond shaped system to the 'I' beam and heavy duty cable trolley systems,
  • Spring operated cable and hose reeling drums.
  • Motorised cable reels.
  • Cable and hose drag chains.
  • Push button pendants, and pendant cable.
  • Flat and round flexible cables for controls and power such as Buflex cables.
  • Proximity and photo-electic sensors.
  • Plugway plug in power duct.
  • Busbar systems.
  • lifting magnets.
  • Brush holders.
  • Carbon brushes.
  • Copper contacts.
  • Radio remote controls.
  • Multipole connectors.
  • Slip rings.
  • Slip ring column collectors.
  • Crane weighing equipment

Applications for these products are varied and used on cranes, people movers, conveyor systems, textile machinery, packaging machinery and many more in all industry sectors such as engineering, food and drink, packaging, sewage treatment, clothing and other manufacturing to name but a few. A wide range of spares are available to complement our range new or existing equipment,

Our in depth knowledge allows us to advise on the type of current carrying equipment to supply and comply with our customer's requirements, at competitive prices .

A import/export department has been established within the company who specialise in sourcing all types of electrical and engineering items world wide.

Nova Electrical Co acquired the power systems division of Astra Engineering Products Ltd, (formerly Cressall Manufacturing Co. Ltd and EMS Electrical Products Ltd.) Plugway, plug in power duct system is now manufactured in our factory in East Kilbride, Trolleyduct, Trolleymaster and 'S' Bar spares are still available.

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