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Power and Control Flexible Cables for Reeling Drums
Buflex or NSHTOU

power and control flexible cables for cable reels

NOVA Electrical Co., can supply any type and size of flexible cable with reinforced polyurethan or rubber sheath especially for reeling drum applications, this type of flexible cable can supply mobile equipment moving in either horizontal or vertical plane, these cables are designed for high tensile, bending and torsional stresses, for indoors or outdoors use. On the power flexible cables the above 25mmsq. the earth is divided into 3 cores and are located in the corners so as to obtain a better balanced cable also with a smaller diameter.
Buflex cables can have intergrated Optical Fibers.
Application for Buflex Cables
Low voltage reeling drums
Medium voltage reeling drums
High voltage reeling drums


NSHTOU Flexible Cables

  NEHTOU cables for Low voltage cable reels
NSHTOU cable sheath is PCR (Polchloroprene) Colour Black
Insulation EPR (Ethylene Propylene Rubber)
Application for NSHTOU cable, Cable reels and Drag chains