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Electrical Slip Rings
Slip Ring Assemblies
Slip Ring Collector Columns


2 pole mercury rotating connector
2Pole mercury rotating electrical connector

Mercury rotating electrical connectors have a low electrical resistance less than 1 milliohm, this is due to the electrical path which is through liquid metal which is molecularly bonded to the contacts.
These units are ideal for strain gauges, computers, thermocouples and instrumentation etc,.

8 pole mercury rotating  connector
4 Pole mercury rotating electrical connector
moulded slip rings
High speed slip rings
Moulded slip rings are designed as a range of high speed robust slip rings and also lend themselves to slow and medium speed applications. the insulation is thermoset glass-reinforced DMC based on unsaturated polyester resign.
Open type slip rings use plastic or tufnol separators.
Slip ring material is standard phosphor-bronze, slip rings can be plated with silver, gold or rhodium for low contact resistance for signal circuits etc,.
open type slip rings
Open type slip rings
slip ring columns
Sewage treatment plant slip ring collector columns
Slip Ring Assemblies are designed to providing a combination of power and signal circuits transfers, between static and rotating units, the slip rings can be plated with precious metals for low noise applications

Slip ring collector column
crane collector column
Slewing crane collector column

Slip ring assemblies can be as wide as the numerous different applications for them. The following are some of the applications where our slip rings assemblies are used :-

Test rigs
Sewage treatment plants
Slewing cranes
Material handling
Water Treatment


Slipring and Collector Columns Enquiry Sheet
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crane collector columns
Crane collector columns