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  crane load indicator  
equalization pulley fitted with load cell
Equalization Pulley

Digital crane load indicators are simple and easy to fit to cranes, the kit consists off three items

• Digital display with 5 red digits and also contains the electronic controls.

• Remote control unit with the functions ON OFF TARE

• Load pin complete with load cell and cable.

Digital display load indicator has five large red digits 130 mm high which can be read easily from a distance of 100 meters, all the electronics are housed in the load indicator housing (660mm x 230mm x 220mm). Which is suitable for indoors or outdoors installation on cranes. The load indicator is normally mounted on the crane trolley or on the end carriage so that the crane operator on the ground floor can view the readings.

Hand held infrared remote control with the functions ON OFF TARE. This handset also has options of adding memory plus total values and is also available in a bidirectional model with a 5 digit LCD display to show the weight transmitted from the load indicator mounted on the crane via radio.

The load pin easily replaces the existing shaft at the dead end (anchor point) or the equalization pulley, built into the load pin are the strain-gauges for sensing the de-formation of the shaft during lifting of the load. The required length of cable is fitted to the load pin.

High Accuracy
No loss of lifting height
Easy installation

Information required
Safe Working Load (SWL) of crane
Number of falls of rope
Length of cable between load pin and Safe load indicator
Dimensions of load pin
Power supply for load indicator

Optional extras
Weighing transmissions by radio, the load cell (Safe load limiter) can be fixed on the rope at the dead end.

For Load Limiters click here


crane load indicator

Equalization Pulley



Weighing Hook Block
Weighing Hook Block


Hook Blocks

Technical characteristics
5 digits LCD of 26/60 mm height
Power supply through rechargeable battery
3,000 divisions
Accuracy /-0.1%
Working temperature -10 to +40deg.C
Weight unit indicator in kg or Lb
Battery status indicator
Low battery message
Breaking strength >500% of nominal capacity
Programmable automatic self-disconnection

Red digits (LED)
Infrared remote control with Tare-off
Infrared remote control with adding memory and totalizer
Stainless steel casing
Foundry protection
24h service (2 batteries, 1 charger)
Max. peak indicator
Release by relay of pre-stablished load
RS-232-C communication (for computer)
Transmision of weight via radio to external displays
Transmision to tailor-made solutions (4...20ma, 0..10V., PLC, PROFIBUS..etc)

Information required
Number of Pulleys
Diameter of pulleys
Distance between pulleys
Cable Diameter
Hook number





load limiter