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Crane and Industrial Remote Radio Controls

Industrial handheld remote control
Radio remote control with permanent radio link




o remote control for overhead cranes
NOVA Electrical offer a wide range of radio remote controls for traveling cranes, hoists, monorails, jib cranes and many more industrial applications.
The radio remote control units have various versions of transmitters with one-step push buttons (single speed), two-step buttons (two speed).
ON/Horn button.
Stop palm switch.
rotary switch with 2 or 3 fixed positions.
Rotary switch with 3 positions with automatic return.
Reinforced safety infrared start-up link.
Electronic key ensuring equipment is only used by authorized operator.

Optional infrared start-up for radio remote control.
The operator must point the transmitter in the direction of the infrared modules which will return a coded start-up authorisation signal. Start-up is then effective as soon as the ON button is pressed. Given the limiting characteristics of the infrared link which requires an unobstructed line of sight without physical obstacles, the start-up authorisation signal is sent only when the necessary safety conditions are met. The radio link is then operational and the operator has total freedom of movement given that the radio link is insensitive to obstacles.

Crane remote radio control
Radio remote control with permanent radio link with reinforced safety features (infrared start-up link)


industrial remote radio controls
Economic industrial radio remote control with permanent radio link.

crane radio remote control
Economic industrial radio remote control with permanent radio link with presence detection feature.

explosive atmosphere remote radio control
Enhanced-safety industrial radio remote control for use in explosible atmosphere.



manipulator industrial radio remote control
Manipulator type industrial radio remote control systems